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Private and Group Demonstrations available

Trikke Pro

Trikke Pro is your gateway to a whole new experience in fun, fitness and transportation.  This is an amazing experience that can include the whole family.  You saw them on infomercials and wondered about how easy they are to ride.  Why wait? Call and schedule an appointment to ride a Trikke, receive a free lesson and experience the closest thing to skiing on the road as is possible.

Health Benefits

Achieve the benefits of full body exercise while having so much fun that the ride is addictive. Why struggle with expensive and boring core exercise equipment when you can firm and trim your core doing something you love at home, on vacation or commuting to work and shed those pounds at the same time.  Achieve speeds of 18 mph and feel like you are flying while dancing.  Neither age nor weight nor disabilities are a factor as shown in our testimonials.


Our training ranges from a free introductory safety and riding lesson to a full beginning lesson where you learn more techniques of riding.  This lesson is also free with your purchase of a carving vehicle through Trikke Pro.  More advanced lessons are also available.  All lessons are given by our Trikke Academy certified trainer.

Customer Service 

We service all Trikke models, whether you need help in putting your new Trikke together or if your Trikke needs an upgrade.  Trikke Pro technicians trained at the Trikke Academy by the experts, including Gildo Beleski himself.


While often refered to as a scooter, the Trikke carving vehicle is not a scooter but an high quality engineering masterpiece. Inventor, Gildo Beleski, has created a low impact machine that will revolutionize your fitness workout and transportation needs.  All Trikkes fold and are light weight which makes them ideal for commuting to the office and for storage once you get there. The ultra light electric Trikkes are the future of urban commuting.  They are the truly green solution for environment!  The Virginia Railway Express allows their use on trains following the same rules that apply to bicycles. For more detail on VRE bicycle policy, go to http://www.vre.org/service/policies.html.

Don't wait. Call to schedule your free demo today!

Trikke Human Powered, Skii and Electric
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