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Demos and Training

Training is offered in three levels.  At all levels safety is stressed along with the proper riding gear.  Helmets are required for all lessons.

Introductory training This level allows people to try a carving vehicle and get some basic instruction on how to ride.  We give introductory lessons when we exhibit the Trikkes at shows and when we have people browsing the full line of Trikkes at our showroom.  Introductory lessons are geared to help you find the Trikke that is right for you.  Length of lesson depends on the circumstances of the event and the number of people waiting to ride.

Beginner training This is a class on riding techniques for the beginner.  It is free when you buy your Trikke through us.  We have helped many people who have bought their Trikke on line and have had trouble getting it going.  In addition to the basics of carving, when you supply your Trikke we make sure it is set up correctly and is adjusted for your height , because an improperly set up Trikke is a major obstacle for the person learning to ride.  Techniques such as "the nice and easy", "punching the bag" and "the pry bar" are introduced.  The three basic riding Rules of Thumb are stressed along with Trikke ettiqute. Befinner training is offered in a group format at a reduced price when groups are available.

Intermediate training This a more advanced riding class featureing techniques used in different riding situations.  Techniques such as "knocking down the door", "tap the power", "house on fire" and  "pump it up" are featured.  Training techniques involve exercises with cones and others that involve the core mussels for doing figure 8's.

Training sessions are one hour and are given by our certified Trikke Trainers.  If you have a reasonably flat area such as a basketball or tennis court or a parking lot that we could use for riding and would like to show these amazing carving vehicles to at least five of your friends and family, then we would bring them to you and there would be no charge for your taining.  Call us to schedule a training session.

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