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Hip Replacement

My personal story is the reason we are in this business.

Our involvement with Trikke began in July 2009 when The Washington Post published a story about them in the Misfits column of the health section. Seeing how they work I recognized the potential that they could restore exercise that had become extremely limited for me. We set out on a quest to check them out for ourselves but found that the Trikke dealers that were listed in this area were, in fact, not in this area and did not carry a line of vehicles that we could try. We ultimately went to California where we were trained on the vehicles and in marketing and service by the inventor of the Trikke and the company that has them manufactured. It was the exercise solution I needed.

At that time I had had one surgery on my right hip and was told that it was simply a matter of time until the hip would need to be totally replaced. The doctors were also advising that my right knee was well beyond the stage where it should have been replaced, but other medical conditions were delaying the time when I could have these procedures done. My right leg had lost so much range and function that I could not use walking, recumbent biking, or most other forms of exercise to maintain my fitness level.

Trikke gave me back what I had lost. On a Trikke carving vehicle I could engage my entire body in exercise without irritating the joints in my leg. It was easy enough to accommodate my restrictions and allow me to move and build strength while having all the variability I needed to increase my workout steadily as my fitness level improved. This same vehicle I was using to regain basic fitness my husband was using to maintain and improve his already superior fitness level.

Empirical observations are nice, but the real proof for me came this week. Everything was finally in place, and on Wednesday, May 4, 2011 I had a total hip replacement. I benefited from advances in technology that make it an easier procedure than it was a few years ago, but the results were way beyond my expectations or those of my caregivers.

A few hours after surgery a doctor came into my room and inquired sheepishly if I was Mrs. Lynch and if I had had my right hip replaced that morning. It seems I was already lying in a position that most patients cannot achieve until weeks after surgery. Throughout the three day stay in the hospital a variety of health care professionals came in, commented on my range of motion, strength, flexibility and ability to care for myself and said they had heard about it from others on the floor. They were very interested in what I had used to stay in shape up until surgery with a hip and knee that they believed would have had me wheel chair bound. In the hospital I had one dose of narcotics following surgery and used Tylenol for the rest of my pain relief.

At my two-week follow-up appointment the doctor entered the exam room saying, "You're making my other clients jealous." It seems that, like them, I was expected to still be using a walker. Instead, I was free of walker and cane and dancing to the music in the waiting room. When she offered me a refill on narcotics I simply responded, "I never took any from the first prescription."

I credit my Trikke carving vehicle with making this a relatively pain-free and easy experience with fast recovery.

We would love the opportunity to show you how an exercise that is so much fun can improve your health and fitness.

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