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Fun and Recreation Testimonials

Edg Duveyoung

Hands down, the Trikke wins. I have never had so much fun. Now and then, over my 60 years, I'd get myself hyped-up to start exercising, but I never found something that I would actually stick with. All the ways to exercise, and I'm on my couch saying, "Nope." Then I saw a Trikke commercial, said "what the heck," and got my first Trikke 8 in 2003. And I fell in love. Everyone stops me on the street to ask about the Trikke, and my "patter" goes like this: "How does it go? Looks like magic, doesn't it! Almost zero impact! Shifting my weight from side to side moves me forward. I can work any muscle group separately or all at once. I can do almost nothing or go all out. It's so much fun that I can't get off this thing until I'm tired. The sensations are as thrilling as downhill skiing or surfing, but I have to tell you, trikking is more like being an artist than a jock -- you are thrilled to be in harmony with this machine." I have been caught. Caught hard. I come home drenched in sweat every single day, and I cannot imagine a better workout for all around general toning and muscle building. I haven't been this fit since Elvis was on Ed Sullivan. And it just gets better. The fun is constantly deepening, and I'm always improving my trikking skills, nuance by nuance, and I feel so fulfilled and satisfied -- finally I've gotten a way to get fit without being bored. See this big smile? That's me loving what trikking has brought to my life. Talk about "priceless." Get one. Get one. Get one.


Chuck from Knoxville, TN

I recently received an original Trikke 8 for Christmas. I have wanted one for over a year. It is the most fun you can have on wheels. It combines exercise, thrill seeking and skill into a single awesome platform. I have 4 young boys and plan on buying them age appropriate. My wife wants one too!! Let me tell you, I am 44 years old and haven't had this much fun since I first got into mountain biking 20 years ago. Thanks for a great product and let me know if there is anything I can do here in Knoxville to help get the word out!!


Liza Bacallan, 38 from Vancouver - Canada

Most adults still have a kid inside of them - they want to experience simple thrills, feel the wind in their hair, have FUN! That’s what the Trikke brings out in me. When I’m carving down a piece of pavement, I feel completely carefree - like a kid again. Sure I can get exercise some other way, but I want the Trikke. You know what else? everybody’s looking. You know the feeling when you were a kid and you had the shiny new bike and all the other kids were jealous and wish they had a bike just like yours?

I get bored with most exercise programs - 1 hour lifting weights in the gym is great for a few weeks, then it gets completely monotonous and LONG! A 20-minute spin on the Trikke gets your heart pumping and it’s so fun, I don’t even think about the time. It gets me out and it keeps me fit. And I never grow tired of it. An exercise program is only effective if you follow through and the Trikke is the only one that I've been able to consistently stick to. I actually miss it if I can’t go.


J Winterling from Reading, PA

We had the first really nice day yesterday with temperatures in the 70's and not a cloud in the sky. I took my Trikke out for the second time since I received it as a Christmas present. They are just so much fun, and a great work-out. I picked up the motion right away because of the years I spent playing ice hockey. They are just too much fun. Thanks


Kempton P.

I have had my Trikke 8 now for 2 months and I can't think of many things in my 56 years that has been so much fun. Thanks so much for coming out with such an interesting and enlightening device. I am a mechanical engineer by trade so I may just have a leg up on some of your other customers when it comes to understanding how a Trikke works, but as for enjoyment and fun at my age, you only have to understand one thing, just do it. At first I was a little shaky and unstable. I got my "legs" within a couple of hours of practicing and now watch out. I still don't do hills very well, even little ones, but as time goes on even mountains won't stop me.


Theo from Germantown, MD

It's been a month since I bought my first Trikke cambering vehicle. Each day as I enter my garage full of other vehicles (skateboard, mountainboard, mountain bike, freeboard, etc) I seem to always gravitate towards your product. I quickly and easily unfold the legs and extend the handlebars. I think I've gotten the folding and unfolding down to science, 12 seconds. After selecting a playlist on my iPod I hop on my Trikke and away I go! I find that it's an excellent exercise vehicle working both my upper and lower body and I can work out as little or as much as I want. It's also big fun! The feeling of smoothly carving back and forth on a long wide street it comparable to skiing on powder snow on a sunny winter morning. Sweet! I never really enjoyed going to gyms. I prefer to get my exercise through the activities I do both indoor and outdoor. Yes, I can workout and have Fun doing it! Thank you people at Trikke! You sure came up with a winner and I feel privilege to be a part of this "new wave".


Nell G. from Virginia Beach

My girlfriend and I have been riding our Trikke's on the boardwalk here since Sept. 03' about 5 1/2 miles a day 5-6 miles per week. I manage a large amount of rental property that my husband and I own and my girlfriend is a restauranteur here in Virginia Beach. We both have families and high stress jobs so our Trikke's have been a god send for us. We have a blast, laugh and smile alot, start out our day looking at the ocean, and get a great workout. We've met a thousand people who want to stop us and ask questions, but now we keep going and tell them to go to trikke.com, and yes its a great workout. Do you have any information on the LA Marathon? After seeing it on the Trikke site we've been talking about starting to train for next year-2005. I have a daughter who works for Ritz Carlton Hotels and lives in Laguna Beach, so we're usually out there at least once a year. Any info on events etc. would be really appreciated!


Joshua from Edwardsville, Illinois

I'm absolutely loving the Trikke. It's the most portable, secure, and enjoyable HPV I've ever owned, and I've run the gambit: bikes, skateboards, kick bikes, rollerblades, and roller skates. Add to that, living in a community that supports its trail system the way Madison County, IL does (http://www.mcttrails.org/), and I'm in heaven. Every time I'm out on the trails I enjoy all of the strange looks that I get and am always happy to stop and chat with anyone wanting to know "What the heck is that thing?" My favorite, though, is when I ask if they'd care to take it for a spin, and after that first 5 minute Trikke ride, you can see the smile on their face and the gears turning in their head as they ask "Where did you get it?" My only complaint: I'm having a hard time waiting for the Trikke 12. Every time I'm riding the paved trails I can only look longingly at the off-road trails that careen through the trees and up and down the hills of the Mississippi valley. Soon, soon...


C. Nelson from Avon, CT

I just wanted to tell you that I just got my Trikke 8 today, set it up, and took it on the local paved trail, which I found was NOT completely flat! What a BLAST! I had so much fun (and got really sweaty!), plus met a lot of people who said, "What the heck is that thing?" It did take me about 15 minutes to be able to go up the gradual railroad bed incline the trail was built upon ... despite the entire trail looking flat, it definitely isn't! My mission is to make this thing move incline or no. By the way, I'm a 50-year-old grandmother, 60 pounds overweight, and almost never exercise except in the winter when I ski! This is going to fix that problem because all I want to do is ride, ride, ride! In fact, I know an obese 13-year-old boy I'm thinking of buying one of these for!


Craig Carlille Clark, 40 from Florida

I am legally disabled. I was struck by a truck and my pelvis was shattered. As a result it is crooked, and my spine is crooked. I have arthritis in my hips and back as a result. My skull was fractured, and as a result of the head trauma I have balance problems (among others). In addition, I have Meniere’s Disease, which has destroyed what was left of my vestibular system. I can’t drive a car because of the vertigo. I sometimes lose my balance and just standing in my home.

Being unable to work, unable to get around, unable to stop the spinning for years led to weight gain and to severe depression.

I saw the Trikke and I gambled on it - I thought I just MIGHT be able to balance on it. In fact, I have found that the Trikke pretty much balances FOR me. As a result, I am doing things I would have never thought possible - I feel like an speed skater at times, and I am exercising almost every day.

I am becoming far more fit, but most importantly I have new-found freedom to get around, have FUN, even make new friends, and my depression is melting away.

I am just 2 months or so into my Trikke-riding, but I’m already starting to feel like it has saved my life. My Trikke is giving me some of my life back - and that’s the greatest want I have in this world.

Since my disability prevents me from driving, my Trikke is becoming my main form of transportation. I use it to make quick runs to the grocery store, to the bank, and just to scoot around my condo complex. I take it on longer rides as my way of extending my world, taking me to parks and places I wouldn’t get to otherwise. Its compactness makes it fit nicely into my little condo, yet it has a nice \"big\" feel when riding it - safe and stable. Trying to stay fit and healthy and active is so important for a disabled person, and the Trikke doesn’t just fit into my lifestyle, it GIVES me that active lifestyle that’s so hard for me otherwise. And it’s also just tremendous fun.


P. and M. Lopez from NYC

My wife's orange Trikke 8 arrived, and last weekend we both took to the pavement in New York's Central Park. This time, there was no stopping us. Within a few short minutes, my wife had caught the hang of trikking and we were both cruising. The stares from the previous week only grew more this time around with two of us zipping about. Tourists ooed. Locals awed. We felt like celebrities. We were able to make a full lap of the entire park, which is quite a distance. I can't describe the exhilarating feeling we had carving down the hills.

Fitness and Therapy Testimonials

Art Vandolay

When I was younger I had a pretty buff body without even trying particularly. These days, at 54, things aren't so easy.Over the last few years I've noticed that inevitable sag in the chest that comes with middle-age. I've accepted it cause what else are you gonna do? This, despite nautilus and push ups and a pretty decent workout regimen in general..

This a.m. I was shaving and noticed something amazing..No chest flab, and that's only after a few weeks of Trikke-ing...I'm absolutely amazed at the effectiveness of this machine....What an ideal and rare combination...Great fun combined with just a tremendous total body work out...


M M Hall - Huston, TX

I just have to tell you this.........a couple of months ago I ordered and received a Trikke 8, which I finally assembled a few days ago. Went to Academy and bought ALL possible safety stuff (knee and elbow pads, wrist guards, and I already had a good helmet). Keep reading........ I am 52 (years old) and weigh 218 lbs. (please do not try to picture this in your mind, it's not pretty).....and I just came back from riding my first mile on my Trikke and I LOVE IT !!!! There is a 1/3 mile street loop with no traffic where I live, and by the third loop, I made it all the way without stopping. It is SO MUCH FUN. It feels much more stable and safer than inline skating (especially for my current age and weight) and it is more and better exercise than riding a bicycle (especially in flat Houston ). It's exactly the kind of "fun" exercise activity I was looking for, on my new quest for health.

If possible, please pass this on to the designers and any other people in the company. You guys are part of the antidote to fat America . Rock and Roll!!!


Marie Evans

Not really old (53 1/2) but older than most riders.

I love my Trikke and ride it for 30 minutes every day. I use it for exercise and have found it to be the BEST! I have had 2 stomach surgeries since January and have Fibromyalgia. I was looking for some sort of exercise that had no/minimal impact on my body. The Trikke 6 was the answer. I am not a light weight, in fact when I got my Trikke I weighed about 50 pounds more then I do now. The Trikke is great for burning calories, raising the metabolism and TONING. I have not fallen even once have learned the place the weight in my butt and thighs for speed and it's not boring like walking. Thanks so much.


Sandy Edelson - West Palm Beach, FL

My relationship with the Trikke began eight months ago when my husband became a dealer through his HealthQuest Fitness & Therapy Center in Boca Raton , FL. Though my first reaction was one of major skepticism, after about 20 minutes on the Trikke 8, I was totally hooked.

Rockin' and rollin' on the Trikke was so much fun that I didn't realize what a great workout I was getting. Within the first few weeks of Trikking an hour or two a week, I started to get the picture. I had lost almost five pounds! Over the course of the past eight months, the usual boredom I normally get with other forms of exercise has never set in and I have continued to lose weight. Today, I'm 30 pounds lighter!!

When people hear how much weight I've lost and ask what diet I'm on, I tell them it's the Trikke Diet - just a couple doses a week and the weight comes off. All kidding aside, while it's true I'm eating less these days because my stomach is smaller, I am by no means dieting. Take-out food is still the main course at most of our meals -- the difference, I'm convinced, is the Trikke.


Missy Omar - MacArthur, WV

I really love riding my Trikke, I bought it to work out and lose weight. Now that I have it I've found that the Trikke is the "Ultimate" piece of equipment. Not only is it a total body work out, but it is the most fun I've had in years. I've tried skateboarding and inline skating which are fun and provide a good work out, but NOTHING COMPARES TO MY TRIKKE 8 SPORT SERIES. I've lost 3 inches off my waist, two inches off my hips, an inch off my thighs, and am getting in really good shape. I've been riding my Trikke on the bike trails in Beckley , WV and have been stopped every time I ride. I've found that people of all ages are interested in this UNIQUE piece of equipment and almost everyone can get the hang of riding it in just a few minutes. I was even stopped by a man in a wheel chair who asked if the Trikke could be modified to accommodate a seat so he could ride and increase his upper body strength. Although we couldn't figure out how to modify the Trikke, he still enjoys watching me ride by during my workout. My workout on the Trikke is around 8 miles and there is no flat ground on the bike trails. The entire trail is around 4 miles long with 2 down hill grades, so once I get to the end of the trail I turn around and go back 4 miles which means that I have 2 uphill grades in both directions. I want to thank the people who invented the Trikke and let them know how much I love it! I would really enjoy being a part of the Trikke team and demonstrating something I really believe in.


Joe Perrone

I would like to start off by saying that I love my Trikke 8! I got in June of 03 and absolutely love it. I saw it one night on an infomercial and it was really a blessing for me because I had been not able to ride a bike due to a chronic prostate problem. 15 minutes on a bike and I would be in pain for three days! I tried different kinds of seats, wide ones, soft ones, even a split saddle, none of these worked for me. To be quite honest it really depressed me not being able to ride anymore. Then I saw the Trikke! I talked it over with my wife and decided to give it a try. Now I am going 30 plus miles a week and looking to find time for more!

Mark - Violet, LA

I purchased my Trikke8 after viewing the infomercial on television. It seemed like something that would be a lot of fun and would help me get some much needed exercise. I could not have been more correct. The Trikke8 is a blast and I get quite a good workout. The great thing about it is that you don't even feel like you are exercising. I use my Trikke in conjunction with a workout routine at the gym and I've gone from 210 pounds in mid-February 2005 to now weighing 170 pounds as of April 25, 2005 . I contribute a lot of the weight loss to the Trikke and the great cariovascular exercise I get riding it. Thanks so much to Trikke for creating this magnificant product. I look forward to upgrading to the T12 Roadster real soon.


Adam Dohrman - Clearwater, FL

I am 23 years old and at one point I was over 400 pounds before I started to use the trikke . I had never heard of it before. I started working at Toyopia where we sell out of them almost every weekend. I got on one the second day I was there and it only took me about 15 min to get the hang of it, and after that I was off. Since September I have lost over 65 pounds and I am still going. Exercise can be really boring and repetitive but with my Trikke it really does make it fun and I look forward to getting out on our local trail and using it. I am now trying to get a list of other Trikke owners together so that we can all meet up every weekend and Trikke.


Steven - NJ

I purchased a trikke about 9 months ago, and I can't stop raving about it to all my friends and family. I have lost 100 pounds due to diet and your remarkable 3 wheeler to which I use as an exercise machine and i cant tell you how good it makes me feel. I would love to tell the whole world about it if I could but as you know I'm not in charge of advertising. If you like i could send u a before and after photo. I do have a question about my trikke . Because of usage, I find the pad where your feet go are worn off all ready and I find I slip off the smooth surface now what can I do to get that surface that it had when new? I also wanted to say that I started doing 3 miles a day and now I'm up to 30 mile a day body permitting of course and I keep on going. Thanks so much for your invention helping me with my ongoing progress of losing weight. I have included 2 photos before and after if you need me to take other ones I will do that. I would love to promote your product any way I can. It's been a life saver for me and thanks again.

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